Book Launch - The Innovation Manager's Handbook vol 2





March 29, 2017



6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Collective Campus

Level 1, 20 Queen St



Come and party with the team at Collective Campus as we celebrate the release of our CEO and Co-Founder Steve Glaveski's new book!

Not only can we ensure a night of networking, drinks, nibbles and music capped off with a talk from Steve, but you will walk away with your very own signed hardcopy of the book, worth $14.95!

Serial entrepreneur and corporate innovation thinker Steve Glaveski has drawn on insights derived from working on the corporate innovation initiatives of large companies and interviewing thought leaders as host of the iTunes chart ranking Future Squared podcast to pen The Innovation Manager’s Handbook: Volume 2 - Float like a Corporate, Sting like a Startup.

With more than 50% of today’s large companies facing extinction in the next 10 years at current rates of churn due to executive mindsets that are geared towards delivering the old (eg. Blockbuster) instead of discovering the new (eg. Netflix), Glaveski has distilled key insights into a roadmap for corporate innovation.

Pattern recognition underpins great ideas and Glaveski has recognised many, having interviewed thought leaders such as Tim Harford (author of The Undercover Economist), Alec Ross (Barack Obama’s advisor on innovation), Steve Blank (considered the Godfather of Silicon Valley), Ash Maurya (author of Running Lean), Jamie Wheal (co-author of Stealing Fire), Parag Khanna (author of Connectography), Susan David (author of Emotional Agility), Ryan Blair (author of Rock Bottom to Rock Star), Justin Lokitz (co-author of Design a Better Business), Jenny Blake (author of Pivot), Ben Yoskovitz (author of Lean Analytics), Robert Kegan (co-author of Building an Everyone Culture) and Karen Dillon (co-author of Clayton Christensen’s Competing Against Luck).

“The book is designed to help corporate innovators drastically increase their likelihood of success and avoid the pitfalls that most organisations fall into when engaging in what amounts to nothing more than innovation theatre”, says Glaveski.

Sportsbet’s Head of Innovation, Leslie Barry, says he connects strongly with Steve Glaveski regarding “the avoidance of innovation theatre and grand displays drawing hype and attention with little substance of return after the fact. I think you will find the needle on your organization’s culture, idea generation and return on innovation investment shifts positively as you apply the ideas and tactics he describes in this book”, said Barry.



Evan Shellshear, Author of Bestseller 'Innovation Tools'

In this book, Steve Glaveski takes the reader on an innovation journey like no other. Like an experienced innovation safari guide, he points out the most important lesson along your path and tells them in an insightful and entertaining way like no other. An essential addition to anyone wanting to improve their innovation success.

Leslie Barry, Head of Innovation

I connect strongly with Steve Glaveski regarding the avoidance of innovation theatre, grand displays drawing hype and attention with little substance or return after the fact. I think you will find the needle on your organisation’s culture, idea generation and return on innovation investment shifts positively as you apply the ideas and tactics he describes... Dive in. Learn how to maximize your investment in innovation. Enjoy the read.


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Steve Glaveski

Steve Glaveski is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and podcast host. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Campus, a corporate innovation hub, school and consultancy based in Australia and Singapore that works with large organisations to help them adopt the mindsets, methods and tools required to successfully explore new business models in an era of rapid change. The organisation has helped MetLife Insurance, Australian Unity, Sportsbet, King & Wood Mallesons, Mills Oakley, Telstra and National Australia Bank with their innovation goals and has just announced a global EdTech startup accelerator, based in Singapore. Steve wrote the Innovation Manager's Handbook vol 1 and 2 and hosts Future², an iTunes chart topping podcast on corporate innovation and entrepreneurship which has seen him interview thought leaders such as Steve Blank, Ash Maurya, Alec Ross and Karen Dillon. A keynote speaker on corporate innovation, Steve has graced the stage at CPA Congress across Australia in 2016, PauseFest, HRx, ANZ, NAB, Bupa, CarSales, Downer Group, Australia Post, CapGemini and VicRoads, amongst others. More recently, Steve founded Lemonade Stand, a children's entrepreneurship program for 9-12 year olds that teaches them the fundamentals of design thinking, the lean startup philosophy, coding and developing augmented realities. The program has been rolled out across Australia and Singapore. He previously founded HOTDESK, an office sharing platform and has worked for the likes of Westpac, Dun & Bradstreet, the Victorian Auditor General's Office, Ernst & Young, KPMG and Macquarie Bank.