IOOF got out of the building to drive internal innovation efforts amongst startups at the Collective Campus innovation labs.



IOOF Holdings Limited is an Australian financial services company which offers a range of products and services including financial advice, superannuation, investment management and trustee services.


To galvanise employees around innovation and shift mindsets towards one of experimentation

IOOF was embarking upon its own innovation journey and decided to run a hackathon to start galvanizing its people around innovation.


Undertake a hackathon to test ideas in a offsite in an environment, geared towards startups, tech and innovation

Collective Campus provided its innovation lab, as IOOF sought the value of sending its employees off-site into a tech startup and innovation hub, to get help support a mindset shift and tap into the resources and talent at Collective Campus.


Employees' creativity was unlocked, which revealed more innovative solutions and new ways of thinking.

IOOF successfully ran its hackathon at CC's innovation lab, with participants saying hosting the event offsite at a space like CC was a masterstroke that got them thinking differently and approaching the hackathon differently than they would have if it was hosted at IOOF's headquarters.

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