Maddocks Design Thinking

Over 60 innovative solutions were identified to address a key problem statement

The Maddocks team really enjoyed the session from Collective Campus and each team member gained a lot from it. I am excited about next steps to progress the top ideas that came from the session and the team cannot wait to start putting some of what they learned into practice.

Kirsten Lange
Head of People & Culture



Maddocks is a proudly independent Australian law firm that works closely with corporations, businesses and governments throughout Australia and internationally. They advise national and international clients across education, government, infrastructure, healthcare, professional services and technology, from their Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney offices.


Provide the People & Culture team at Maddocks with the tools, skills and mindset to solve problems

The People & Culture team at Maddocks wanted to identify innovative solutions to problems faced across both recruitment and employee development.

In addition, Maddocks wanted to upskill the team on design thinking and allow the team to identify the solutions by applying the design thinking methodology.


Collective Campus upskilled the HR team in Design Thinking and facilitated an ideation session, to develop innovative solutions

Collective Campus developed a design thinking session for the Maddocks team with the objective of upskilling the team in the methodology while also identifying ideas to problems faced across recruitment and employee development. The focus of the session was on developing How Might We statements and the process of ideation.


The team produced 60+ ideas, identified the top two ideas prepared for prototyping and left with a clear action plan.

With a focus on recruitment and employee development, the team identified over 60 ideas in the session using the ideation methods covered. From these 60 ideas, the top two ideas were chosen to progress to the prototype stage.

An action plan outlining next steps was developed for each selected idea and tools were provided to allow the teams to successfully prototype following the session.

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