Go ahead and tilt your mobile the right way (portrait). The kool kids don't use landscape...

Go ahead and tilt your mobile the right way (portrait). The kool kids don't use landscape...

BLOGs and Insights

"The lean startup bootcamp is a great way for employees to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, life in a startup and how to diverge from their normal way of thinking. Highly recommended."

Oliver Hoy, INNOVATION Manager

"The Lean Startup Short Course at Collective Campus equips you with the fundamentals required to take your startup idea to an MVP and validate it. Interactive classroom sessions, hands-on exercises and guest speakers who talked about their startup journeys were the highlights of the course for me."

Hima Tk

"Steve is extremely knowledgeable around innovation theory and start up methodologies and provides great commercial perspectives on disruptive innovators. Definitely worth a listen for any company not currently disrupting themselves"

Sue Hogg, Iterations Manager

The workshops I’ve taken at Collective Campus were highly relevant to my career, pitched at the right level and delivered to perfection. CC provides a productive environment for high-quality, tailored training from a comprehensive list of contributors.

Doryan Gowty, Portfolio Manager

“Steve’s presentation on disruptive trends was insightful and engaging. His presentation skills kept the audience captivated as he shared his interesting perspective on what is happening in the market and the relevance these changes have to us.”

Barbera Kiefte, Applied Innovation Exchange Lead

"A really good bootcamp on SCRUM! The bootcamp replicated a real world SCRUM team and everything, including breaks, was being time-boxed to help reinforce agile concepts and ideas”

Bluedot Innovation
Bala Thavarajah, Chief Technology Officer

“Steve (Glaveski) explained very clearly to our team how cross functional communication can work at Carsales. What I appreciated most about his keynote was that the entire team left feeling really excited about Lean Startup and implementing it in their own innovation projects.”

Lay Clough, carsales.com

[Collective Campus] is without doubt one of Melbourne's best co-working spaces for its organisation, desk spaces and facilities, making it a productive place to work. It has a close connection with the startup community in Melbourne, so you're always sure to make a new connection or hear about a new event to head along to. I highly recommend [CC]!

Dan Angelini, Marketing / BD / Partnership

Parent Paperwork got its first office at Collective Campus. CC gave us a lively, interesting environment to be part of. We found CC to be a friendly and helpful community of startups. There’s always something special happening... CC is a fabulous nest for the early days of the startup journey.

Parent Paperwork
Fiona Boyd, Co-founder & CEO

The Collective Campus team have provided great local market information, backed by international best practice, aiding the KWM Innovation Hub to navigate their innovation journey.

King & Wood Mallesons
Michelle Mahoney, Executive Director, Innovation


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